Paradise Fears Lyric Art

Paradise Fears Lyric Art

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Paradise Fears Seattle Show


Paradise Fears means a lot to me, so much that i’m going to most likely go alone. If anyone wants someone else to hang out with then message me or something since i’m super anxious. (i’ll be awkward/also the quiet one in groups but that means i’m having fun since i’m not walking away)

There’s nothing wrong with going a show by yourself! Don’t be afraid to do what you love. You know what your own interests are. Let that empower you and give you the confidence to get what you truly want out of life!

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Watching this video again. It’s the first time I had ever heard of Paradise Fears. The guys have come so far since then. I can’t believe they’re in the UK touring right now. Happy two year fanniversary :)

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Paradise Fears Priorities

I got accepted to an international internship this summer and before accepting the position, the thought of missing a potential Paradise Fears summer tour crossed my mind. Considering that there hasn’t even been an official announcement about a summer tour, I felt a bit silly. Clearly, I have my priorities straight…haha

That being said, I will be a little sad about missing a summer tour if they have one.

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Paradise Fears
When You Come Home (Rough Mix)


Hey friends and PF fans, here’s a non-acoustic demo of When You Come Home for your listening pleasure.

(personally I like this version better)

Nice find!