Paradise Fears Lyric Art

Paradise Fears Lyric Art

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Paradise Fears Priorities

I got accepted to an international internship this summer and before accepting the position, the thought of missing a potential Paradise Fears summer tour crossed my mind. Considering that there hasn’t even been an official announcement about a summer tour, I felt a bit silly. Clearly, I have my priorities straight…haha

That being said, I will be a little sad about missing a summer tour if they have one.

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Paradise Fears
When You Come Home (Rough Mix)


Hey friends and PF fans, here’s a non-acoustic demo of When You Come Home for your listening pleasure.

(personally I like this version better)

Nice find!

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We just posted a brand new episode of Bus Invaders (The Lost Episodes) featuring the pop/rock, Paradise Fears, showing off the SUV they toured in, during their 2011 tour with Quietdrive! You can go watch the video at

Thowback Thursday PF Style